How to get your photos to us?

You can upload you photos direct from your smart phone, tablet or desktop or direct from Facebook or Instagram. It is common for wedding photographers to provide you with a disk or memory stick so simply transfer these onto your tablet or desktop and upload from your hard drive. We would recommend that your image file size is at least 1MB but we can accept files up to 50MB. The bigger the file size the better the quality of the printed photo. Larger photo sizes will require a greater file size to avoid the image pixelating when enlarged.

Your Options

Choose the orientation (landscape or portrait), select your framed photo size, select your double mount colour, select your frame style. and finally select your glazing option.

Our Mounts

We offer a choice of 4 different double mount colours. A double mount is where a second mount of the same colour (slightly smaller size) is placed over the first mount.

Our Frames

We offer a choice of 5 luxury ranges each containing 4 different colour options. These having been specifically chosen for their superior quality and are typically used to frame wedding photos.

Our Sizes

Framed Photo Sizes

Size A – 360mm x 310mm
Size B – 420mm x 357mm
Size C – 480mm x 405mm
Size D – 580mm x 492mm
Size E – 640mm x 542mm

Mount Colours

Colours are as follows:

Antique white
Pure white


Frame Styles

La Scala
Monte Carlo

Our Quality

An extra special day requires an extra special service! We are quality driven and supremely focused on customer satisfaction.

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